60 million Office 365 users

It is likely that you are already one of them, or at the very least thinking about it.
With just a few clicks, an employee can share an entire folder containing data with another user within the company (or outside the company).
They can view and delete emails. Change or remove files off your One Drive.
The Cloud is an amazing place to operate your business protected by Microsoft’s Office 365 Service.

Simple as that or is it?

Ok, so yes it’s backed up. As far as making sure the data you have in the cloud is duplicated in-case of hardware failure in the Microsoft Server Farm.

But what about the deletion of files or encrypted files due to a virus like Cryprolocker?

Here’s some info from

Microsoft does backup Office 365, but their protection is part of a shared-responsibility model. That is:

  • They have physical security in their data centers
  • They offer data storage replication and redundancy
  • The core tenets of their security approach include guarantees of uptime and privacy controls
  • they protect you from natural disasters that affect their data centers, hardware or software failures on their part, power outages, data errors, etc.

But if a user mistakenly deletes a critical file, then what?

You are responsible to protect your data from human error (due to malicious activity or innocuous accidents), misconfigured workflows, hackers, and viruses. Backing up your users and data is truly your responsibility and if you are not proactive about that, any help you get from Microsoft in times of crisis is minimal at best.


ight then, so you have to think about accidental loss of data. Just like you do with your PC, laptop or workstation. You run backups to protect against accidental loss or hard drive failure? I hope so ! Even just a copy to a USB memory stick?

So why is it one of the last things we think of with Office 365?

May be its cost? May be we think our data is safe because its Microsoft?

Linix provides Office 365 for its clients at the same costs Microsoft charge. We include a third party backup of your data. Held in UK data centers, under ISO27001.

Ask for a quote and how to move your Microsoft licences to Linix for full protection.

ISO/IEC 27001 is an information security standard, part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards