Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Even tech-savvy businesses need help sometimes. Web hosting can leave you bewildered at best and at worst, can cost you time, effort and money, you can ill-afford. So when it comes to making choices between basics such as, shared hosting or dedicated hosting, you need to do some research, as no one system is the best fit for everyone. Shared Hosting With a shared solution, one physical server is pooled with multiple users who draw…

What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls are made using the internet. Calls such as these are even less frequently known as Voice over Broadband (VoB) Voice over Networks (VoN), or Internet Telephony; I wonder why none of those stuck? VoIP basically lets you make ‘free’, or very low cost, mobile and landline calls via the Web. Yes, any telephone in the world can call you and you can do likewise, irrespective of the kind of…

The Cost of Cyber-Crime

Almost 50% of businesses in the UK underwent some form of online violation in the last year, with government research confirming financial damages through cyber-crime to the British economy is annually in the billions of pounds. But it’s not only big business that is at risk, SMEs are the ones who pick up the real losses, not only in financial cost but also through reputation, something smaller business can ill-afford but can prevent, through preparedness….