Superfast Broadband in Liverpool

With Liverpool’s global outlook and incredible economic strengths, it’s no wonder we are seen as one of Britain’s leading destinations for business as well as travel. Organisations and business people are drawn to Liverpool through a range of opportunities, and benefits, and as befits the 21st century, they need high-speed and secure superfast broadband connectivity to the internet in order to limit downtime and thus increase productivity.

However, across the Liverpool city region, superfast broadband access differs extensively, meaning businesses throughout the commercial district are not able to get the broadband speeds needed for efficient and fruitful performance.

Which? magazine’s, Fix Bad Superfast Broadband Campaign last year reported, that the ‘big four’ internet providers; Talk Talk, BT, Sky and EE. Collectively held a 72% market share, but remarkably, only 1 in 10 rated TalkTalk and BT’s service as ‘excellent.’

Which? Managing Director of Home Services, Alex Neil, said: “Superfast Broadband is essential and people rightly get frustrated with poor service. Our latest results show that the big players still have a long way to go to satisfy their customers. It is clear to see that the frequent price hikes paired with connection dropouts, unreliable speeds and along with the levels of service when trying to contact providers all contributed to the low scores. For the price and lengthy contracts consumers are expected to take out, vast improvements have to be made to ensure service is of better quality.”

At Linix, we pride ourselves on providing a fast, reliable and affordable service for our clients. We offer the latest technology in leased lines, cloud back up services, VoIP systems and hosting.

When you buy a business package it’s not good enough to be told the speed of the line alone, you need to know how many other users are sharing your superfast broadband connection (it’s no good having a 20Mbit line if you share it with 50 other users).

Linix provides the right plan to prioritise your internet traffic, give you a static IP address so that you can log on from home and offer dedicated customer service and technical support, by means of a peerless mix of dependability, speed, and provision of service.

Because interconnectivity is central to business, Linix provides an alternative to the BT Openreach exchange network, through investment in an independent system, meaning Linix is the best place for cloud and catastrophe recovery, as well as being unsurpassed in our ability to access even the biggest ‘not-spots’ in the area.

Linix can give your business a leading competitive edge.

With increased speed, Linix broadband contracted businesses can up and download large files quickly, work in partnership with co-workers and clients through VoIP conference or video calls or take advantage of Linix cloud solutions in preference to on-site storage.

In addition to broadband, Linix can provide a full complement of merchandise including;

  • dedicated data centres
  • web hosting
  • cloud access
  • and security solutions

Linix is here to attend the needs of business, enabling faster working, and greater efficiency, leading to you becoming more profitable. As a Liverpool based broadband provider, we are always on-hand to meet any internet requirement you may have.

If you would like to learn more about how Linix can benefit your business, speak to a member of our team today.