Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Even tech-savvy businesses need help sometimes. Web hosting can leave you bewildered at best and at worst, can cost you time, effort and money, you can ill-afford. So when it comes to making choices between basics such as, shared hosting or dedicated hosting, you need to do some research, as no one system is the best fit for everyone.

Shared Hosting

With a shared solution, one physical server is pooled with multiple users who draw on the same resource. The cost of features such as storage or bandwidth is therefore also shared. The system is secure and protected with hosting partners unable to access other sites or accounts. It’s the cost-effective and easy option for smaller SMEs that make shared hosting a popular choice. Even new start-ups can use it almost straight away.

Linix will set up your server installing all requisite software, so all that remains on your end is to upload your website or other web-based systems. To administer your database, email or client accounts or other tools, there is a simple control panel designed for you.

Shared solutions are more than sufficient for SMEs or websites that have light-to-moderate site traffic and don’t require multifaceted, customised server configurations.

Think of it like shared accommodation at Uni, overheads for things like food (booze) cleaning equipment (slight smile) and utility bills are shared. If the microwave stops working (needs cleaning) the landlord comes and sorts it. This deal saves everyone money, and things work out peachy until someone uses the last of the milk and puts the carton back.

How can I tell if a Linix shared hosting solution is for me?

Answering at least one of these questions is a good indicator.

  • Are you are a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)?
  • Is your site traffic limited to only a few hundred visitors a month?
  • Is your site content updated frequently?

And last but not least:

  • Do you have no clue on how to configure a server, install, upgrade or perform technical maintenance?

Dedicated Hosting

This is the choice if you want to be the only client on the server, its capability and assets belong to you.

Dedicated Hosting, gives you so much more control over operating environment and configuration with a wider selection of software and services from which to choose.

Not all businesses are the same and not all business needs all the glockenspiels and toots that dedicated hosting services provide but it might be the right choice if:

You need more control and flexibility to customise the server, choose your software and adjust a system to changing needs because your trade is growing continually or you add products or services often.

  • Your site topography has a substantial amount of streaming or hi-res images.
  • You desire an IP address that is unique and therefore doesn’t have to share with other sites.
  • Your organisation processes sensitive transactions, requiring enhanced security features.

A dedicated server obviously has higher cost implications than shared hosting. There are, after all, supplementary features and resources from which to choose and unless you have a dedicated IT support, you’ll almost certainly need a platform that includes building and maintenance of equipment.

Ready to Go?

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