NAS Homing

Homing your data on our secure network.

A Common Story

Having a Network Attached Storage system in your business is one of the most common ways to centralise and protect your Companies Files and Data.

Files are stored on your NAS using hardware redundancy.

For many companies this is where Data Planning stops. 

What else can you do?

For many Companies who actively plan for a Disaster and have a complete Recovery plan. On premise data needs to be duplicated off site. 

Most NAS now have built in off site duplication functions. For many paying large fees to dump their data in the cloud on Azure, AWS or google has been the answer. 

But selecting the correct service out of a mine field of options can be hard and very confusing. 

Costs for; storage size, upload, download, holding, hot, cold and even deletion for your data.

An Elegant Solution

Linix NAS homing simplifies duplication of your data. 

Simply supply a second NAS to be homed on our network. Your NAS is behind a firewall for security in an ISO 27001 data centre in the UK. 

We do not charge for data transferred or data stored and defiantly not to delete your data. We have set costs per physical disk. Prices start from £30.00 / month for a 2 Disk NAS. 

  • No monthly charges for data, just pay for your NAS Foot Print
  • Simply supply us with your NAS and we will do all the setup work.
  • Take the confusion out of Cloud Storage.

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