IT Bosses are Choosing Cloud

Last year, research from the Cloud Industry Forum revealed that 88% of UK companies surveyed were using cloud-based services. Furthermore, 67% of those organisations predicted increased usage during the year.

Applications and storage in the cloud, are now an integral aspect of daily businesses life. If your company or organisation hasn’t cottoned on or is in the early stages, there are strategic reasons you should be moving to the cloud!


If you don’t have a dedicated IT team, staying ahead of the curve on updates to software or patches to security becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming as your enterprise grows. Add to this notion of built-in obsolescence, or just the repair and replacement of old hardware or the outdated method of updating individually each staff PC and small issues can build quickly into big problems. The new technology relieves these issues, as applications or databanks can be updated remotely with either new programs, software or critical security updates, all administered by your provider, saving your business time, effort and money.


There are only so many top end candidates to go around. Hosting your organisation’s IT managed in the cloud is yet another method of attracting for the pre-eminent applicants in an ever more mobile oriented and home-based labour force.

The latest research from the Labour Force Survey, states that there are 4.2 million people who work from home. This upward trend has clear links to the augmented use of cloud-based services.


This kind of hosting gives you access to customisable security methods for protecting your client data and proprietary information. Cloud hosting with enhanced encryption additional layers of security can help you reach PCI-DSS and having your most important files in the cloud means that worrying about missing kit like employee laptops is a thing of the past, as they can be erased remotely without ever compromising your security.


Complex IT systems are preventing your business from accomplishing greater things. Many start-ups and SMEs can’t afford dedicated teams of IT specialists to maintain their systems of working, making repositioning you system to the cloud more prudent in terms of efficiency and cost. Even more so if your staff are part of that workforce that is home-based or mobile but still needs access to your files and structures.


These days, you can pay for any storage you need today while making more educated choices on upgrading your cloud use as your company develops. With a rise in efficiency and management your IT costs diminish as it changes to match your organisations’ unique needs; growing as you do.

In the 21st century, organisations and business need to be moving with the times, whether becoming attractive to employees through home-based incentives, providing you and them with flexibility, or avoiding downtime, through systems failures or hacking, moving to the cloud is the next sensible step in your business’s evolution.

If you’re thinking of redeploying your IT structure to the cloud, contact Linix’s team today.