Voice Over IP (VOIP)


enables your business to become virtual.

Unified Communications allows you to manage all your communication in one entity instead of separately by integrating all communication functions such as voice mail, e-mail, texting, fax and video conferencing into a single communications platform

Unified Communications is delivered through a variety of products and tools that can be tailor-made to suit to your specific business needs.

Maximise working time – It allows people to work with people based on their availability and reduces time in playing phone tag.
Minimise Travel – Why travel miles to get to a meeting, why not use Video Conferencing and be part of the meeting in your own office. This may result in better productivity and saves money and time on travelling.
Work Anywhere – Unified Communications allows you to set up your office anywhere, enabling you to keep in touch with the office and your clients wherever you are. Whether it’s from home or from the golf course.
One Supplier – Receive all your services from one single provider and be reached by one number for voice, text, fax etc.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office offers a Voip Service with crystal-clear quality, low call tariffs and a multitude of features that enable your business to communicate more effectively. It’s a fully hosted cloud service, eliminating the need to purchase, install and maintain expensive telephony hardware.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks (or VoIP trunks) enable enterprises to utilise a single internet connection for making and receiving multiple concurrent telephone calls. SIP trunking provides your organisation with added flexibility, improves business continuity and offers substantial cost savings over traditional telephony services. By utilising SIP trunks within a converged voice and data network, you can dynamically allocate bandwidth to other needs such as email and web traffic as and when you need it.

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