Basic1000 Month Page Views£35.00Per Year
1 Hosted Domain
500 MB Storage
50GB Traffic

Enterprise Hardware

Plesk Control Panel

15 Email

Advanced10,000 Month Page Views£55.00Per Year
1 Hosted Domain
5Gb Storage
200GB Premium Traffic

Plesk, 2 Domain Aliases

100 Email Boxes, Email Anti-Spam/Virus


Enterprise Hardware

All of our Shared and Dedicated servers run on the latest HP hardware, specifically purchased and provisioned to meet our client demands and monitored 24/7 by a dedicated support team. All servers are full redundant ensuring continuation of service at all times. We run RAID on all devices and have the option to keep regular backups of your web sites.

Usage Statistics/Billing

You can access your billing information, create or modify your MySQL databases, configure your account, create email aliases, and much more! Our UK technical support staff are standing by to answer any questions that you may have. Your web admin panel is always available when you need it. Need another POP account at 3 in the morning? Just login to your web admin panel and make the change yourself in a matter of seconds.

Plesk Control Panel

With more than 250,000 Windows and Linux servers deployed, Parallels Plesk Panel is the preferred choice for hosting service providers, web designers, and website owners. Parallels Plesk Panel is the first step down your business’ growth path – toward faster sites and faster mobile access for website owners and toward a complete product line as your hosting business grows.

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