Keep Your Business Connected.

The Internet is a critical avenue for conducting business, connecting with customers and suppliers, and accessing real-time applications. Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity, and managing Internet access can be time-consuming and costly.

Staying ahead of the competition.

As you become increasingly dependent on the Internet, more time and resources need to be allocated to monitor and manage Internet connections for your business. Managed Internet Services can help you consolidate management of your Internet connections.

If your business relies on the internet to run, then a leased line could be for you. This is because any downtime would have a serious impact on everyday operations. However, having a leased line would mean your business gets a high standard of service availability, data transfer and internet security.

How we can assist you:

Guaranteed high-speed internet – Providing 100% availability, meaning your business will always be online. This effectively eliminates the risk of losing revenue through downtime.

Service guarantees – We will give money back if your service ever falls below an agreed level.

Flexible bandwidth – Speeds from 10Mbits +

Truly unlimited data usage – The fibre optic circuit is just for your business there are no capacity limits and no contention between other customers.

Like to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about our Layer 2 Ethernet, please call us on 03300 883323, fill in our contact form.

Usage Limits:
Service supplied guaranteed 1:1 contention.
Separate bandwidth allocation, based on potential link speed.

Layer 2 Point to Multi-Point Ethernet Service
VLAN based (service multiplexed)

VLAN Support:
Tagged and untagged frames

Circuit Max Frame size:

Open Reach Single Strand Fiber

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